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  • Climate Change & Biodiversity Conservation

    Biodiversity loss is already contributing to Climate Change, thus, we must shift the ways we interact and benefit from nature. We understand sustainability with a system dynamic approach as a result of understanding that biodiversity health is the base of mankind's wellness beyond economy.

    From an economical approach it's important to eliminate market distortions, improve energy use efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint in order to generate the greatest economic benefit for locals and the smallest impact to nature.

  • Citizen science and education

    At Natoure, we believe that through the participation of everyone, it is possible to achieve significant changes. For this, education and the promotion of citizen science are pillars so that each Natourist knows the importance of each species, ecosystems, and the ecosystem services they provide. In this way, under a collaborative innovation model, each Naturist contributes to maintaining the sustainability of the destinations they visit, where every opinion counts and helps with global improvement.

  • Gender

    We believe that the only way to boost a positive change is to start by balancing the equation between women and men, that’s why it is so important to stand up for women and work for gender equality.

    As Natoure we are fully committed to the role that women of local and indigenous communities play as the center of families and also for nature conservation, where the gender GAP is even bigger than in cities.

    That's why we work on gender equality promoting women leadership in tourism activities and also creating gender guidelines to build a more inclusive sector.